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Table 2 Strategies to contain and minimize the development of antimicrobial resistance

From: The threat of antimicrobial resistance in developing countries: causes and control strategies

Control strategies Contribution
Hygiene and sanitation Improving basic hygiene and sanitation will reduce the spread of resistant organisms
Vaccination Vaccination may reduce severity of disease, provide protection against shedding of pathogens and even raise the threshold load of pathogens required for infection
Alternative therapies The reluctance of pharmaceutical companies to invest in research and development of novel antimicrobial agents necessitate the exploration of alternative therapies such as bacteriophage, probiotics and Quorum Sensing inhibitors
Education Health care providers, dispensers and patients need to be educated on how the use and misuse of antimicrobial may contribute to the development of resistance
Infection prevention & control Proper hospital infection control may prevent the spread of nosocomial pathogens and resistant microbes that may have easily been disseminated to the community if these measure were not in place