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Table 2 Medical history of the 7 patients with a LA-MRSA infection

From: Impact of livestock-associated MRSA in a hospital setting

Pt Age/gender/Spa type Type of infection Treatment Animal contact Extra
1 40/male/t011 External otitis Surgical cleansing, no antibiotic treatment Pig farmer Cured
2 90/male/t567 Pleural empya Surgical drainage, quinelones and rifampin None Post infectious sterile pleural effusion, surgically drained and secondarily infected through drain (colonized) with LA-MRSA
3 41/male/t011 Abscess finger Incision and drainage no antibiotic treatment Butcher Abscess of trauma with knife, wound cured.
4 89/male/t108 Abcess tooth/jaw Incision and drainage (2x) no antibiotic treatment None Cured
5 60/male/t108 Wound infection of lymphnode biopsie No specific treatment Horse farm T cell lymphoma, wound infection cured
6 80/female/t011 Conjunctivitis Topical antibiotics (fusidinic acid) None Conjunctivitis occurred during stay on ICU for gram negative urosepsis. Conjunctivitis cured
7 40/female/t011 Toe wound Numerous antibiotics None Wound occurred after a visit to Turkey. Wound cured.