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Table 1 A short description of the content of “My five moments for hand hygiene” and one example given within brackets

From: Hand hygiene and aseptic techniques during routine anesthetic care - observations in the operating room

Moment Descriptions
1 Before patient contact (touching the door handle and then shaking the patient’s hand). Typically this moment for HH occurs between the last hand-surface contact with an object belonging to the so-called healthcare zone and the first within the patient zone.
2 Before an aseptic task (manipulating or inserting a venous access line). This moment might occur after touching the patient’s intact skin. HH at this moment aims at preventing colonization and HAI. For some aseptic procedures glove use is indicated, and in those cases HH is required before donning the gloves.
3 After body fluid exposure risk (inserting an intravenous catheter and then preparing a syringe). Protective gloves must be used when there is a risk for contamination of hands with body fluids. Gloves must be removed and HH carried out before proceeding with, after, and/or between different work procedures.
4 After patient contact (after shaking the patient’s hand and then touching the computer keyboard). This HH action will reduce the risk of dissemination to the healthcare environment and occurs when moving from the patient zone to the healthcare zone.
5 After contact with patient surroundings (after touching the patient’s bed linen and then touching the door handle) This moment is a variant of moment 4 and HH is implemented for the same reasons.