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P363: Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of medical waste products in Côte d'Ivoire


Medical waste is now a real public health problem because of their negative impacts on health and the environment. Since the studies in 2002, Côte d'Ivoire has not yet conducted a qualitative and quantitative assessment of medical waste generation. This makes it difficult to put in place a coherent strategy for waste management, planning and design of some management structures. This evaluation of medical waste reflects a desire to update the data for better decision making.


The overall objective is to evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the medical waste in Côte d'Ivoire.

Specific Objectives

Identify medical waste according to a typology; Know the amount of each type of medical waste; Make recommendations.


The structures are the structures of the health system in the private sector and the public. The selection of structures was carried out through a survey at 2 levels. All survey sites were monitored at least 3 times during the investigation. The collection includes two steps: sorting and weighing of waste. Each site was equipped with bins 27 and 80 liters of blue garbage bags (infectious medical waste and medical waste non-infectious), black garbage bags (waste comparable to domestic waste), safety box for sharp objects, spikes and / or sharp and a precision electronic balance (2 grams).


The daily domestic production of medical waste in the public sector is estimated at 11,617,739 g or 11.62 tons. Domestic production in the private sector is estimated at 1,476,997 g per day, or 1.48 per ton. Infectious and hazardous wastes represent 59.39% of the medical waste. Côte d'Ivoire produces daily 13.1 tonnes of medical waste is estimated to be 4 781.5 tonnes annually in all sectors.


Nearly 70% of medical waste is infectious and dangerous. The results are for the public sector, 809 g / bed / day against 452 g / bed / day for the private sector. The national average is estimated at 630g/bed / day.

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