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P356: Serious complications of childbirth in the university hospital of Yaoundé: retrospective study over 10 years


Severe complications of childbirth contribute significantly to the increase in overall rates of maternal and neonatal mortality and infant are targets of the MDGs.


To determine the frequency and factors involved in serious complications of childbirth at the university hospital pf Yaounde; to make recommendations regarding quality of care for childbirth in health facilities in the country.


A descriptive retrospective chart review study between 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2009 at the Hospital of Yaoundé of all parturients who presented: a intrapartum uterine rupture before or after admission to the maternity ward (room delivery), maternal death and fetal intra or postpartum and early neonatal or perinatal death.


Among 16,733 recorded births, the following was noted: 40 cases of uterine rupture in parturients came from a private health center or district hospital (70% of cases) with use of oxytocin in 40% of cases. The main contributing factors were a scarred uterus, multiparity, a large fetus weighing> 3500 g and use oxytocin.

In 70% of cases of uterine rupture was corporeal, surgery performed after hysterosalpingography in 65% of cases. Perinatal mortality associated with uterine rupture was 94.7% and maternal mortality of 7.5%.


Thus, we must multiply the observed rates of uterine rupture, perinatal and maternal mortality by a factor of at least 3 for the same reasons that the results of this referral hospital in the capital of the country, are representative of the situation of serious complications of childbirth in the country.

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