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P276: Impact of nosocomial infection prevention program at departmental hospital center of Zou Collines, Benin


The study was performed to determine the impact of hygiene measure promotion on the frequency of nosocomial infection (NI).


From April 2004 for a period of six years (2004-2010), we conducted an annual one day prevalence study of NI, preceded by a campaign of hygiene measure promotion. In the absence of national NI definition, we used the protocol drawn up in 2002 by CLIN Sud-Ouest (France). Patient’s characteristics were recorded and data collection was performed by nurses who had been trained. Quick audit was applied to assess the hand hygiene compliance.


For the six year period 484, 629, 688, 750, 780, 1115 patients were included, resulting in a prevalence of NI of 41%, 31%, 22%, 18%, 13%, and 13% in 2004 to 2010 respectively, corresponding in absolute reduction of 28% of IN (p < 10–5). Compliance of hand hygiene was respectively 23%, 43%, 45%, 47%, 53%, 55%. The increase of hand disinfection of 30% (p < 10-5) was noticed because of the use of alcohol solution. The demographics data were almost identical in all six year. Urinary infections were the most prevalent; a reduction of 15% was noticed among infection related to catheter.


These findings suggest that hand washing should become an educational priority in our context of limited budgets; appropriate allocution of resources is needed.

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