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P189: Development of on line continuous education programme in a tertiary care hospital of a developing country


Training is an essential component of HAIs, wher IT can play a major role. The objective was to develop an e learning continuous education programme for knowledge and skill based competency building in infection control. An interview was conducted and an on line e learning module was developed by a team. It improved the participation of HCWs in training. The competency, knowledge, practices and updating of recent advances was impressive. Process, outcome indicators improved and it proved to be cost effective.


Training with IT aid would be the call of the day.


Develop an e learning continuous education programme in infection control.


An interview was conducted to understand the impact of continuous education class room sessions, Pilot study was conducted. Team was included towards programing and deveopment. Every staff will get a user id and a password. An article with 10 MCQs, was released by the in-service administrator, open for the staff for the period of two weeks. They can attempt MCQs and grade them simultaneously and do simlulation training.


1344 nursing staff, 48% of the staff were able to attend the class room session. 38% of the lectures were missed. Important topics were missed by the staff. Skill based learning was appreciated more. 88% of staff felt that e-learning improved their knowledge, skills and practice. 76% felt it allows flexibility in attending the sessions. 91% of the staff have started attending. Quality indicators in infection control and nursing, staff’s knowledge and skills had improved from 43% to 87%. Hand washing compliance improved from 47% to 78% in the hospital after institution of e learning and continuous reminders. Cost towards training has reduced from Rs 7 lacs per annum to 1.5 lacs per annum.


There is a remarkable improvement in knowledge, competency and skills. Attendance, process, outcome and cost showed improvement.

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